How to disseminate the experience gained through Erasmus activities

How often do you see announcements on social media about the recruitment of participants for an exchange or Erasmus training course?  How often do you apply and how often do you use such opportunities?

Erasmus exchanges and training courses are in demand among Ukrainians. This is a great opportunity to expand horizons and learn international practices and master in modern tools in the field of non-formal education.

How participation in the training course influences the development of new skills will be told on the example of participation in one of such projects, the team of the NGO Living Library

From August 25 to September 3, 2021, as part of the Erasmus project, we took part in a training course on “European Values Equalizers” organized by Civil Education and Training Platform – Hellas 

Participants of the course 10 partner organizations from Greece, Croatia, Italy, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. We – participants from Ukraine – Biletska Victoria, Nikitina Galina and Nikitina Lyudmila – took part in this project.

During the training, we were engaged in non-formal education and delved into the issues of European values. Gained knowledge in various spheres of public activity, considered topics history and timeline of human rights, needs of our society, Tools for youth work and no hate speech movement.

There was a lot of discussion about human rights, European values, and the characteristics of a coach and facilitator. Working in groups,we prepared and conducted various activities and presented material for education and discussion with other project participants.

Practice after returning home from the training course

Erasmus + is a great project, and we want to talk about it in Ukraine as well. On September 11  the IT Universe fair took place, where we were able to apply the tools for working with young people developed during the Equalizer of European Values training.

We started by simply asking visitors what they knew about the EU, Erasmus and European values.

After that, they talked about Erasmus  and opportunities for young people that young people can find in Erasmus projects. Moderated the discussion on “European values in Ukraine”. Participants discussed what values are inherent in Ukraine, what Ukraine lacks as a European country, and what values visitors would like to see in Ukraine.

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